Iman Sultan is a freelance writer and journalist based in Karachi. Passionate about writing from a young age, Sultan pursued a career in journalism to connect her love for political engagement with writing. In 2014,  she became politically active with social movements, such as the Black Lives Matter movement and student solidarity with Palestine.

Sultan writes about politics, culture, and community. She is particularly interested in how people use culture to express identity, and how communities shape politics. Her work has appeared in Al Jazeera, Longreads, Playboy, Voice of America, Dawn, Hyperallergic and Huck Magazine. She has covered the fear of hate crimes in the American-Muslim community after Trump’s election win, reproductive rights in the South, the complex transmission of “Aladdin” throughout centuries, and how women at a university in Pakistan faced a CCTV sexual harassment scandal that affected their education.

Sultan also dabbles in photo, video and fiction. Her photo essay, “London Protests Trump” was exhibited at Clix Gallery in Kensington in 2017, and she is currently writing a comic series about superheroes in South Asia.

When Sultan is not writing herself, she is reading a good book – and thinking about where she’s going to go next, what she’s going to write next.

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