Iman Sultan is a writer, journalist and cultural critic. Her work has appeared in National Geographic, Al Jazeera, W, Elle, i-D, Harper’s Bazaar, Allure Magazine, Playboy, Input Magazine, ZORA Magazine, Aesthetica Magazine, Hyperallergic, Dawn, LA Review of Books and many other publications.

Iman is interested in connecting the local with the global, and her portfolio spans different countries and regions. She is adept at writing muckraking investigative features that get to the heart of a story, and stories examining how communities shape politics. She has written about a CCTV sexual harassment scandal at a university in Pakistan, the $5.2 million lawsuit against curly hair giant DevaCurl, the experiences of Afghan women after a year of Taliban rule, the involvement of medics in protests against police brutality and much more. Her work has been taught at Harvard Divinity School and New York University’s History department.

As a cultural critic, Iman writes on art, pop culture, books, music, food and more. She wrote the first authoritative guide on where to find halal food in Philadelphia, and she has profiled the likes of Grammy-award winning singer Arooj Aftab, artist Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Jr., and global R&B superstar Yuna.

You can also find her essays, musings on TV, random thoughts and erstwhile opinions on her Substack, IMAN SULTAN WRITES.