Iman Sultan is a writer and journalist. After living in Karachi, Pakistan, she is now based in the Philadelphia area. Iman’s work focuses on politics and culture, the ways in which identity is used to make art, culture, and fashion, and the role communities play in shaping public affairs.

Her work has appeared in many publications including National Geographic, Al Jazeera, W, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Dawn, The Friday Times, Allure Magazine, Longreads, LA Review of Books, i-D, Playboy, The Face Magazine, Input Magazine, GEN, ZORA Magazine and more.

Iman is interested in connecting the local with the global, and her portfolio spans different countries and regions. She is adept at writing muckraking investigative features that get to the heart of a story, and features that focus on marginalized communities. Her work has been taught at Harvard Divinity School and New York University’s History department.

Iman’s investigative work in the past has included covering a CCTV sexual harassment scandal at a university in Pakistan, the conservation of an endangered river dolphin, the role of medics in the protests for George Floyd, the experiences of Afghan women after a year of Taliban rule, the fear of hate crimes in the American-Muslim community, and much more.

As a writer on culture and fashion, Iman has written about Iranian singer Googoosh auctioning her gowns for charity, the influence of Willi Smith on contemporary streetwear, Pakistan’s digital music renaissance, and more.

Iman regularly writes essays on books and pop culture, and interviews authors, musicians, artists and creatives. She has written on Disney’s portrayal of Aladdin and the 1001 Nights, and Hanya Yanagihara’s gothic epic To Paradise. She has profiled the likes of Grammy-award winning singer Arooj Aftab, Savage X Fenty model Nazanin Mandi, performance artist Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Jr., and global R&B superstar Yuna.

Iman writes a weekly newsletter for So Textual, a haven for bookish creatives. Iman’s column focuses on antiheroines in literature, trailblazing women authors, and stylish pioneers who transformed culture.

Iman is also a multimedia journalist and a photographer. In 2018, she conducted an award-winning documentary photography project on ethnic minorities in Paris. In 2017, she documented protests against Brexit and Trump, which were exhibited at the annual Clix exhibition of the London-based Foundation of International Education.

Iman has a wide range of experience working in communications and editorial roles. She has worked as a manager in content marketing, and a copyeditor. She is also an expert in production design, specifically for magazines, pamphlets and booklets. She offers editing and production services to clients for an hourly rate.

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